New constraints on terrestrial photosynthesis

Developing a reduced-complexity land carbon balance model to use atmospheric constraints on terrestrial photosynthesis.

Cold acclimation effects on photosynthesis

We investigate the apparent depression of photosynthesis in temperate and boreal forests in spring and after cold winters - a phenomenon that has been overlooked in global models.

Landcover6K model intercomparison

Multi-model simulations using updated Landcover6K-preindustrial land use change scenarios to assess impacts on climate and the carbon cycle.

Carbon-water coupling across scales

Soil moisture effects on the carbon cycle - from the local to global scales and the impact of drought extreme events


My 5-year Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation

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Plants and vegetation play a critical—but largely unpredictable—role in global environmental changes due to the multitude …

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P-model outputs for FLUXNET sites

Environmental data ingest into R


Environmental data ingest into R


An R implementation of the P-model


A flexible modular framework to simulate terrestrial processes


An R package for dynamic vegetation modelling

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